Fast Tracks has a great team that can provide your dog with a bath, nail trim, brush outs and more.


If your dog is using one of our many services, we highly recommend a Go-Home Bath prior to departure. We have many outdoor play areas and it’s very common for pets to get a little dirty when out playing with their friends.

One Size Fits All Services

  • Nail Trim – $12
  • Brush Out – $12
  • Go Home Bath – $20
  • Sanitation Trim – $10

Pricing Varies With Size Services

  • Spa Day: Let us clean up muddy paws with this inclusive service of a brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, and deep cleansing bath – topped off with dog-safe cologne!
  • Full Groom: If your pet has longer fur and fluff, choose the Full Groom option to receive a brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning and a refreshing bath with comfortable drying. Afterwards, your dog’s fur is cut to the desired length, including close trimming for sanitation and foot pads in addition to their full body cut.
  • Styled Groom: Do you want your dog to have a breed cut, such as a poodle? Let us take your dog’s Full Groom to the next level by upgrading to the Styled Groom!