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Our proven training techniques will transform your dog into the loving and lively companion you’ve always wanted. Relaxed, confident, and obedient, your dog will come, sit, and heel when asked.


No more picking up the contents of a trashcan or wiping up urine. You’ll finally be able to enjoy walking your dog without it barking at strangers or aggressively pulling on the leash.


Your friends and neighbors will be amazed at how pleasant and friendly your canine is. Don’t sit by another day as your dog brings stress and worry into your life. Call Fast Tracks today. You won’t be disappointed.

Currently our only training option is our “Board and Train program”. This involves dropping off your dog with us for 6 weeks. While he/she is here, we are able to train daily for obedience helping you with behavioral issues and social behaviors. This also allows your pet to have great social interaction with our staff and other pets staying here. Our training dogs get the same great lodging arrangements and play time as our regular boarding guests. We also meet with clients once a week (after the first 2 weeks are complete) for 45min to work with and teach you the new cues/commands that we have taught your dog.


Commands they will learn:

  • Sit: The dog is in a sitting position with its bottom on the ground.
  • Down: your dog is in down when its elbows (front feet) and hocks (rear legs) are touching the ground or floor.
  • Heel: The dog’s head or shoulder is parallel to the handler’s leg on the left side of the handler when walking.
  • Here: (referred to as the recall) they will come to you we called
  • Place: on an elevated bed where you’re your pet can relax and stay for longer durations.