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Fast Tracks was founded in 2014 under the guidance of Justin Franzen. Here at Fast Tracks we remain determined in our mission to provide dogs and dog owners with the comfort and quality care void in other animal care providers.


We treat all canines with with the respect and tender loving care deserving of all creatures, human or otherwise. As many of our employees are pet owners, they can relate to clients’ need for capable service providers imbued with the gift to understand their canine friends as well as they are able to themselves. Everyday, we try to experiment with something new, to keep you canine friend active and engaged.


Our Dog Boarding service is world class. By embracing the Fast Tracks brand, you effectively embrace our way of life in treating our canine friends as an extension of ourselves. So, welcome to our family! Consider our home your home away from home.


If you are looking for a quality dog boarding in Cedar Falls, Waterloo and other surrounding area. Call us to know the details.

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